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Tristan Barry

Tristan and his brother with Travis Fimmel, star of Vikings.

Dyspraxia Vikings Travis Fimmel Tristan Barry

This is Tristan Barry who was recently diagnosed with dyspraxia/DCD. The diagnosis came after a few years of noticing that Tristan was not developing at the same rate as other children his age, particularly within his body. For example, his legs and arms are extremely low in muscle tone. This is to such an extent that he has now been fitted with splints to help him walk as he falls over and hurts himself quiet often.

Despite all of these issues, Tristan has managed to win a role in the show Vikings alongside his brother. He has a great role and was fantastic on set, following direction and never missed a cue for his lines, despite only being 3 years old at the time of filming. He has also appeared in a movie and various other advertisements. Tristan’s achievements show that any child diagnosed with dyspraxia/DCD can still achieve just as much as any other child with help and support. While Tristan does have a hard time, as he gets tired very easily and needs constant care, this will not stop him doing anything.

Dyspraxia VikingsTristan is now 4 and lives in Waterford city. His interests are dance and drama and anything that interests his brother.

To see Tristan, keep an eye out for Vikings which is shown on RTE 2. To become a member of Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland, click here.

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