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Traveling with Lee: Dubai

Our very own amazing Lee from Monaghan is now 3 months into his year long adventure around the world. Lee who has Dyspraxia will be sending us updates on his journey and sharing his experiences from the places he visits.

I am writing to you from Bangkok to which I returned two days ago. To date, I have visited Dubai, Thailand, and Myanmar. Unfortunately on October 31st, I was on the way to get a overnight train to Bangkok and I left my ATM Card in a machine. Although my mum was able to send a new card to a hotel in Bangkok on November 7th, it has still not arrived. I have tried to stay positive but to be honest I am feeling confused by the delay. I am safe here and have some cash to get by but I have little to do until the card arrives. I moved too quickly in the first 5 weeks and a few difficulties were faced but now I have started to slow down more. I hope all is well at Dyspraxia Ireland.

September 29th 1987 was the date that I was due into this world! However, my parents were forced to wait another two weeks with baited breath for me to emerge. I always felt a connection to September 29th and therefore it seemed appropriate that I commence my latest backpacking adventure on this date in 2015.

Thailand Dyspraxia Statue

Following two decades of planning routes on maps, preparing countless itineraries and packing essentials, the day of departure finally arrived. After all the emotional goodbyes, the 1520 Bus Eireann arrived at Dublin Airport. Hours later and I arrived in Dubai. Immigration provided the first cultural shocks as all the staff were male. I subsequently boarded the middle doors of a bus to my Airbnb but I was unable to communicate with the driver as the front of the bus was reserved for women!

I dismounted the bus but in the heat, combined with confusion and jetlagged, I got lost! Luckily, a family picked me up, bought me groceries and brought me to my accommodation! Upon arrival I sat in my room and waited for my hosts to return as I was unsure as to where anything tourist related was to their home. We met eachother later on that night.

The following morning, I asked my hosts to clarify the pickup arrangements for my overnight safari in the dessert. It quickly transpired that the company that I had booked with had their website hacked and I had paid the hacker and not the company. Down €100, it was suggested I find a cheap hotel and instead take the citybus tour that I had reserved to see the sights. A cheap hotel in Dubai is €75 and upon arrival at the point of departure for the bus tour I was told all bus tours were booked until October 11th. I returned to my room upset and angry but my friends Andrew and Mary managed to restore my confidence. I went to bed praying for a less problematic day to follow.

The following morning, I booked a four hour bus tour of the city. Relief swept across my face when the Jamaican tour guide met me at the reception desk. On the bus we saw the Dubai Museum, Burj Al Arab (which is the only seven star hotel in the world), Jumeriah Mosque, Dubai beach, and Dubai Mall, where one could ski on a synthetic snow piste or visit the aquarium!

By the end of the tour I found myself feeling better and headed to the airport. Yes, I had faced challenges in Dubai but I had also seen some of this city which is unlike any other!

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