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Traveling with Lee: Thailand

Thailand encapsulates a plethora of emotions for me as a traveler. I initially spent 28 days there as I experienced the delights of travel and the lows of backpacking to which I hope that I never to experience again.

Bangkok is often called a "melting pot" and on countless occasions, I felt like a knob of butter being evaporated in the heat of this city by day and night! Street food provided me with eclectic nourishing meals including peanut butter and cashew nut pancakes, cool coconut shakes, and the dish synonymous with this Mecca for backpackers, sticky rice and mango!

A three night stay in Kanchanaburi two hours to the west of the Thai Capital followed. A warm welcome at my guesthose was received with a delighted smile from me. The picturesque town is home to the Death Railway Bridge which was constructed by Allied solders who were captured and incarcerated in squalid and hoenus conditions and forced to work on this bridge. A more pleasant experience for the modern traveler to this area is Erawan National Park and it contains a waterfall to soothe any aching bones or relieve ailments.


I have been fascinated by the James Bond movies since my brother Colin introduced me to them as a wide eyed boy. The underwater scenes were my favourite and I always have wanted to learn how to scuba dive and when better to learn than on your 28th birthday! I learned how to scuba dive on Ko Tao, which is an island off the coast of Thailand. The beautiful world beneath the waves left me speechless which is a rarity but a welcome relief to many!

Phuket was the next destination for me. Unbeknownst to me, this island on the Andaman sea hosts the Vegeteranian Festival.A entire street of Vegeteranian Food stalls lay directly outside my hostel. Another aspect of this festival is Buddhist worshippers piercing their cheeks and inserting swords and motorcycles through the gaping wounds!

In Phuket I noticed a mark on my phone which had probably been caused by me using the phone to take photographs in the blaring sun. I eventually got it fixed but I was unable to use the phone for two days while waiting for a part for the phone to you arrive. This wait unsettled me greatly and led to me missing a flight and in hindsight I should have not got the phone fixed as the repair company clearly seen dollar signs when I arrived in a panic to the store! Within days the problem had returned but I don't know if I have the patience to get it fixed again!

Chiang Mai was my last place in Thailand. Whilst there I completed my first overnight trek in the jungle! As a Dyspraxic with limited balance and peripheral vision, overcoming the difficult terrain and inclement weather required determination but determined I am. A Thai Cooking Class was the next activity on my bucket list to receive a red tick. I learned how to cook Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and Green Curry all of which I devoured!

After visiting a temple, my friend Dustin and I stopped by a cash machine. As Asian machines don't automatically return your card I left my card in the machine as I failed to request my card back! I was so angry but my friend Dustin loaned me some cash to add to some emergency cash that I had in the event of such an event happening. This act of kindness is the type of thing that I want to reciprocate and I cannot thank Dustin and my guardian angel Bernadette enough for seeing me through it!

After the cancellation of this card, I raced to the train station to catch the overnight express train to Bangkok. I arrived at Bangkok airport and boarded my flight to Myanmar and hoped that the new credit card would reach Thailand before I got back but would that wish come true?

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