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Rebecca's Blog: How Dyspraxia/DCD Affects My Life

Dyspraxia Mental HealthMany of us are faced with struggles in life that we have to overcome on a daily basis. For me, mine started at age of twelve. It came in the form as a development co-ordination disorder called Dyspraxia (DCD). Dyspraxia effects 6% of the world's population, it can also be known as “the clumsy child syndrome”. This condition causes great difficulty with memory, perception and processing, along with poor planning, organisation and sequencing skills and co-ordination.

Dyspraxia/DCD affects me on a daily basis as I am the most “clumsy” person ever. I could be walking and there could be an object on the floor, I will just walk over it and not even see it! I tend to be so concentrated on where I’m going that I’m more concerned about getting to my destination than my surroundings. This make things really hard as I could slip or fall! I see that the difficulty that I have problem solving is particularly notable in Maths! I cannot do maths for my life as it is so confusing that it literally takes me hours to get it where it would take someone else a minute or two.

The lack of awareness of Dyspraxia/DCD scares me a little. When I mention it I usually get asked “Do you mean Dyslexia?” This has made it harder for me to discuss it especially as I got older. It has effected me a lot during sports as if I was to hit a slitor or kick a football it would never go where I envisioned due to having very poor co-ordination.This would lead to very harsh comments, especially from the boys in my class, during P.E. I have learned to just rise above all that now as they don’t know what it’s like to be Dyspraxic. If people had the knowledge about it maybe they would think twice about making those comments.

I am definitely not ashamed of my disability! It has made me who I am, it makes me unique and I won’t let it define the person I am. I have learned to deal with it. If it means I take longer to take things down off the board, if I can’t pass a maths test, I know that’s it’s okay, there’s no need to beat myself up over it. I’m a firm believer in the saying, 'what’s for you, won’t pass you'.

When I read my occupational therapist report, I always feel a bit annoyed. I say why me? It generally disturbs me and it is an in-detail report on my condition. It’s always when it’s written on paper that I realise the severity of my condition and how it impacts me on a day to day basis. It makes me become more conscious of what I am dealing with by living with Dyspraxia/DCD. I know that piece of paper will not define me. I know I can over come the struggles!

My hope is that dyspraxia/DCD will become more known and that there will be more support for people with Dyspraxia/DCD!

by Rebecca Kidney

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