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Mary-Kate's Blog: Catch Up Day

Hellooo! I hope that everybody is enjoying their Mid-Term. Mid-Term has been very busy for me so far. There’s just been a load of stuff that I have had to do. I’ve also had Mid-Term work to do and I’ve also had to make up time to get that work done. I think it is important to pick a day where you can catch up with yourself. This week off is supposed to be a rest from the hard time at school, so you should at least have a day where you can just relax and take it easy.

I usually do this during the middle of the week just to break it up, but you can do it at any time. Maybe towards the end of the week, to end it on a relaxing note. I literally pick a day and sort of plan it the night before. I know if I don’t do that I won’t get the recharge that I need. I’d probably end up doing something completely irrelevant.

The night before, I set my alarm for around nine or half nine. I don’t want to get up too late as I want to try and wake up feeling as refreshed as I can. I also don’t want to miss the morning. I sometimes feel that when I wake up late and miss the morning, the day flies by and therefore I feel like I don’t get anything productive done. I also feel more motivated when I get up a bit earlier. The app that I am using as my alarm is called ‘Sleep Cycle’. I really like it as it analyses your sleep every night. It shows your sleep progress and it analyses what helps you to sleep and what doesn’t. It also gradually wakes you up in the morning. So let’s say you set your alarm for 9:00 am, the alarm will go off between 8:30 and 9:00 to gradually wake you up. I wasn’t sure about that at first as I felt it was waking me up earlier than I had to be. Every minute counts!! Especially on those school mornings!! ? However, I do find it really useful and it has helped me to get up for school.

When I wake up I head downstairs and have my breakfast. I like to pour myself some orange juice. I then sit down on my kitchen sofa and I look outside. I have a look at the weather and maybe notice some birds on the trees. You're probably thinking who is this crazy person who stares outside her window and stares out into her back garden that she passes every day. I thought this too! However looking out into my garden is being mindful. Even though I pass my garden every day, I notice things that I don’t notice every day. Such as the direction the trees are blowing in or the type of birds that visit the garden. I feel like this mindfulness is really mind boosting. I started practising it in the car and just noticing things that pass by. A mindfulness book I read was called ‘Miracle Of Mindfulness’ by Thich Nhat Hanh and I would highly recommend it.

I then go upstairs and do some Pilates, I really enjoy Pilates as I find it really relaxing and it helps me to tune in with myself. I have also found that Pilates has helped me with my Dyspraxia/DCD. It helps me to better understand how the body moves and the way that we hold ourselves. Even though I am still very clumsy and am constantly bumping into things. I think I’d need a miracle for that not to happen ?. However, It has helped me with my posture and my clumsiness a little bit. If Pilates isn’t your thing, you could do something else that you enjoy. This could maybe be doing some Yoga or going for a walk. You could maybe go to a park or go to my personal favourite the beach. I love the sounds of the waves. After Pilates I have fruit. I love having a bowl of fruit. I just love the colours of all the fruit together. It just makes me feel content. It is something I love to have after school. I then eat my fruit and watch some YouTube videos. I am loving routine videos at the moment. I love watching morning, night, daily and homework routines. I just love hearing what other people's routines are. I also pick out any tips that I think could be useful.

After dinner, I go up to my room and I would either listen to Birdy or Ed Sheeran. I just love listening to their music. I feel like they sing their songs with meaning and from the soul and they are just lovely to listen to. While the music is playing I would go on my Tumblr account. I love posting lovely quotes that I have found or just lovely thoughts or feelings that I have. If you would like to take a look at my Tumblr account, It’s the link here: http://angelssecretsuniverse.tumblr.com/ . I love posting on my Tumblr account and I would love it if you would like to follow me. I also scowl through my Twitter and Instagram account. I really love doing this as they are my blogging accounts and I love the positivity that can be on them. My Twitter is @angelsecrets and my Instagram is angelsecretsuniverse if you would like to take a look.

After this I would go downstairs and have some tea with my family. We would then catch up and watch some TV. I also try to leave all social media at this stage as I don’t like it to be part of my night routine. I found that I didn’t sleep as well when I was on my social media before sleep. However it’s not always easy to stick to this especially during time off school. I’ll then go back up to my room and put some relaxing music from Spotify. I’ll just start getting ready for bed. This will include answering my question form my Question And Answers book. I love this book as I feel it is a lovely way to end the day. I then get into bed and read a book.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope that you would like to do a day like this. I hope that everyone is having a nice Mid-Term (if you are on Mid-Term). I know some schools are different. You could also plan a day like this during the weekend. It is harder with homework, but it’s still possible. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for all the positive feedback. It is so lovely to hear that other people enjoy something that you love doing. I would love to end this Blog with a quote I found:

“I always find beauty in things that are odd, imperfect – they are much more interesting” – Marc Jacobs

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