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Mary-Kate's Blog: Anxiety

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their time off school for the Easter holidays. As you’ve read from the title, this blog is about anxiety. I’ve been feeling quite anxious lately so I thought that it would be nice to share how I experience anxiety and some personal tips on how to deal with it. I thought that it would be nice to write this blog to let people who are also suffering from anxiety know that they are not alone. Most people with Dyspraxia/DCD and other hidden disabilities suffer with anxiety so it is definitely not uncommon.

http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8tsj4Tgeo1qj73joo1_500.jpgI would say that I do somewhat suffer with anxiety every day. It does vary form day to day. It also depends on what I’m doing on that day , for example my anxiety would be higher on a school day than it would on a Saturday when I’m at home. I have learned how to cope with my anxiety and work through it. I’m a lot better at handling it now than I have ever been. I have accepted that I will suffer with anxiety. In other words, I have accepted that my anxiety will never go away. However, it’s about learning how to deal and cope with anxiety. I found that once I had my anxiety under a certain level of control, I was getting less anxious about certain things.

At the moment, I have stepped back a bit. My anxiety is very high at the moment. It just happens. We all go through these bad spells and sometimes there are things that can trigger your anxiety and make it worse. Sometimes you may not really be sure what that trigger might be. At the moment, it’s like I’m carrying a bag of anxiety around with me and it’s really hard to breathe and think. This bag weighs me down until a type of trigger will happen and then explode the bag. What you have to keep reminding yourself is that you will get through it and that you will be much stronger and wiser for coming out the other end.

I have panicked a few times in the last week. Anyone who has gone through a panic in some shape of form understands how difficult it can be to work through it. Also you'll know that everybody panics in different ways. So don’t ever belittle yourself if you panicked over something that you feel is really small. If you panicked over it then it must have been huge and important to you.

If like me, you are feeling very panicked, anxious, or paranoid. These are some quick points on anxiety.

Panic Attack

Never dwell over a certain anxiety or panic attack. On St Patrick’s Day, my sister and I decided to go out on a walk with a friend of mine. When I went out I was feeling very self-conscious and of course, I saw lots of people that I knew. It was also really noisy, there was so much going on and there were a lot of people. Since I have been working through my anxiety, I would have been able to keep myself calm and then eventually let go and have some fun. However, that day my anxiety was really high and I found myself trying to make sure that I didn’t start panicking there and then. It was really difficult and then when I went home, I was very upset and traumatized over the whole thing. It did really upset me and of course I did dwell over it for a while. Later on, I did have to tell myself that I needed to move on. Moving on from something like that can be difficult. I just ask myself ‘why would I want to stay in that anxious and horrible moment, when I can move on, work through it and enjoy nicer experiences?’ To be honest it was difficult to move on, but I am now looking forward to more pleasant situations in the future.


http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5vrgq7yjR1qm5ctko1_500.jpg It is important to realise that you more than likely will feel very self-conscious when you are feeling anxious. One of my friends put up photos on social media of us out on the walk and I honestly thought I was going to die. I just couldn’t get over the fact how bad I thought I looked in them. For everyone to see!!! To be honest, I’m not too bad when it comes to other people putting up pictures that I’m in. You cant look good in every single photo, but because I was feeling very self conscious, it felt like it was the worse thing that could ever happen to me haha. I have now gotton over it and can sort of glimpse at the photos. ?

Body Image

This is kind of linked to number two in the sense of body image. If like me, you feel very self conscious when you are feeling anxious then you need to take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. You are your own unique person! Nobody else in the world has the exact same features that you have. There are people in this world who love and will love you for who are! Even the things that you may not like as much! Keep reminding yourself this and tell yourself that you are pretty, even if you may not feel like you are that day. Sure I’m gonna tell you now! You are so very pretty for your own unique ways! Please don’t forget that.


Give yourself time and never think that your anxiety has ruined something. Due to the fact that I have been feeling anxious, I have been avoiding people at school so I don’t have to talk in conversations. I feel like I have become the invisible one of the school again, but that’s okay. I can’t force myself to do something that I am not ready to do. I know that I will get back into it in time. We just have to give ourselves time and then when we are ready then try a new challenge or get back into one. I don’t regret my decision for backing away a small bit, I know that I need to give myself this time. So please don’t be worrying. I believe that things happen for a reason and that things change to make room for new and better opportunities.

https://fightingfornormality.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/everything_will_be_ok-35391.jpgI hope that these small points on anxiety help. I feel like I have only touched on anxiety and would love to write more about it. If you would like to read more blogs about anxiety, please let me know. Once again, know that that we are all in this together and you are not alone. We are all here for each other. If anyone is going to understand it’s us because we are all in the same boat.

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http://www.lovethispic.com/uploaded_images/41994-There-Are-Far-Better-Things-Ahead.jpgI would like to end this blog by saying that ‘there are always far far better things ahead than we leave behind.’

Thank You,


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