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Healthy Eating For Children with Dyspraxia/DCD:   A Helping Hand For Mums

Series 3 of 3

Dyspraxia Ireland Healthy EatingWe’ve come to the end of our series and it’s always good to step back, and take stock, particularly if you have been implementing changes over several weeks. Take a look at your start point & where you are now (hindsight is a great thing), see what you're happy & unhappy with, what’s worked best/least, and don’t be afraid to ditch what isn’t working.


And remember KEEP THE FAITH!


Dyspraxia Ireland Healthy Meals

Here Is The Last In a Long List of Helping Hand Ideas:

  • It’s worth noting snacking on the right foods to keep them feeling fuller is important. Carrying around some carrots, fruit, dry cereals, bread/pretzel sticks can act as very handy stop gaps. Also offering a drink of water first to ensure its not thirst that’s the problem can help grazers and permanent kitchen pickers feel satisfied.
  • For trouble with the green foods - try putting those greens on their favourite foods, for instance, spinach on pizza can be a novel way of getting around the problem.
  • Or pulping foods (particularly greens) in their favourite spaghetti bolognese can work very well too at disguising any “disliked” ingredients (particularly for younger children).
  • If you're having trouble eating out, it can be a good idea to google the restaurant/eatery with your child. This lets them take a look at the menu in advance so that they knows what to expect. Also ringing in advance for those really difficult sensitivities surrounding food (smells etc. from kitchen) can prove helpful. In doing so, you can find out if there’s a suitable children’s menu, where sauces can be left on the side and food can be served plain etc. This can go a long way to ensuring you have a much more enjoyable time. Lastly, feeding smaller ones in advance can relieve some of the pressure of eating out. By allowing them to play with their toys/gadgets during mealtime and then offering tasters from your plate and treats such as desert, you can make for a much more pleasant family outing. Also for older children, you can try playing cards together in between wait times, particularly if it’s a busy restaurant.

Healthy Eating Dyspraxia Ireland


Don’t be afraid to ask for support & help from friends, family, & loved ones (even if that involves time out – pick mealtimes when/if it’s the most stressful time of the day for you to escape and take the weight off).

Seek out group talks, medical and or professional advice, do a little research, and join a local Dyspraxia/DCD Support Group.

Chat to other parents & mums - it doesn’t mean you have to divulge/disclose any specifics just ask for help and ideas.


I sourced angled cups, 2 handled cups, indented forks, spoons & knives for steadying to cut food.

For crockery & cutlery try some of the following - Assist Ireland

3 Compartment reusable hard plastic divided plates, lovely multi-coloured ones (I think they were called chefland) - www.amazon.com

Or Ikea are great and super cheap but you do need to browse though!

For those helpful video clips YouTube is a good source for visual instructions on most things. You can simply prop up your ipad on the kitchen counter, and watch and learn.

by Catherine Whelan

If you have any tips that helped improve the eating habits of your dyspraxic child, please contact us at info@dyspraxia.ie!

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