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Funding Campaign for Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland


We have launched our campaign for additional funding for Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland.  Our recent HSE application was refused with no formal reasoning offered. 

We now need your help.

We desperately need two new staff members (an education officer and an information officer) to supplement the work of our CEO and volunteer staff, who are severely overworked.

We are asking our members to put political pressure on their local TDs to instigate change.  All we ask is that you copy and paste one of the attached template letters in to an email to all of your local TDs. You can amend the letter, if you like, to tell your own story. This is a chance to have your voice heard by politicians and make a change.

We have provided two template letters – one for those with Dyspraxia/DCD to tell their story and one for parents of children with Dyspraxia/DCD to tell their child’s story, please use whichever one is more suitable to you.

You can find who your local TDs are by using this website - https://www.whoismytd.com/

Thanks so much for all your support. 

All at Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland.


Template Letter for Individuals with Dyspraxia/DCD

Template Letter for Parents of Children with Dyspraxia/DCD


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