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Book Review - Max and me by Inés Lawlor

Title: Max and Me
Author: Inés Lawlor
Year:  2014

Max and Me is a book about a little boy who finds it hard to deal with processing his senses in everyday situations. This causes him to get upset, panicked and frustrated. 

Max starts his first day at school and is very excited but when he get there it is very overwhelming - he finds it hard to cope with all the new children, the noises, new surrounding and bright lights. Max comes home from school very upset and thinks there is something wrong with him. It’s not until his mum explains that his modulator 'Max', who works in his brain to help him decide what his body should do next, sometimes receives too many messages at the same time and his modulator runs away leaving him upset and overwhelmed. But the boy quickly learns that if this happens there are different things he can do to slow down or speed up everything around him.

Reading the book I learned more about sensory processing and different ways to help someone with Sensory Processing Disorder if they get overwhelmed, for example, if they are in a new place with lots going on.

This book is a fun and interactive way for children to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder and how everyone has a modulator but they all work in different ways. There are different parts in the book where the children can draw pictures of their modulator. I also liked the way the illustrations where fun and bright and the font changed from speech bubbles to text.

Reviewed by Fay Dunn

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Starting School - Guidelines for Parents / Guardians of Children with Special Needs

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